Online Internet Ads Industry

GoogleRevEver wonder what is the potential for online advertising industry. It is reaching USD 100 billions. The future of this industry depends on internet users. The total internet user around the world are around 2.1 billions with growth rate of 530%.

By 2017 the global online advertising market is forecast to reach US $84.8 billion, largely driven by strong contributions from mobile, online video and social networking advertising platforms. Increasing adoption among small and medium enterprises and e-commerce companies, and robust demand from emerging markets, particularly Asia-Pacific also shows a strong potential for the market.

The online internet advertising market in India will touch Rs 7,000 crore by 2015, driven by increasing Internet penetration and a large number of young people, says the Indian e-Retail report.

Google connects between website owners and advertisers, and takes a portion of advertising money as a brokerage fee, and this process is generating billions of dollars a year for Google.

This is exactly what Banners Broker does. Banners broker connects between publishers and advertisers online, and takes a portion of the money as a brokerage fee.


Here what comes a very fascinating fact about online internet advertising industry i e “Any one can get the benefit of this industry with no efforts at all”.

The difference is that Banners Broker shares a portion of the money with their customers.

What Is Banners Broker ?

Banners Broker is the only advertising network that allow individual to earn money simply by buying advertising panels.

Each panel you purchase will receive a certain number of impressions viewer (number of people who have seen the ad) and over time once these impressions have finished you will have earned an income.

Dear friends Bannerbroker V3 is launched and some amendments are done. The changes are going to make BB further more competent and long term sustainable company online.


Sometimes, people like to think of a system like this as something too good to be true. They start to invent ideas as to why this may be fraudulent or even illegal. BB does this because it also benefit them and they make money from you too a win win situation. This is why they are growing day by day.

This is not a pyramid nor a ponzi scheme and not even close to all these. It’s is truly an affiliate based company.

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